Introducing 4005 SMP2 - One of EMC's biggest malls.

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  1. This brand new mall is one of EMC's biggest malls, if not - EMC's biggest! Stretching a massive 60x58x64+ area, we sell absolutely everything you'll ever need, with 6 different floors and fast TP pads to all 12 sections for easy shop navigation.

    You will find:
    Food + Nature
    Misc + Tools + Weapons + Potion Basics
    Ingots + Gems + Ore + Coal
    Other Building Materials
    Public Utility Use - Free + Enchantment Table
    Nether + Ender Worlds
    Animal Eggs
    Wool + Primary Dyes
    Mob Drops

    If you would like to add anything, or stock something I have little of, you may have a player stall located in Misc for just 300r :)

    Please stop by and collect all your needs at 4005, SMP2! I apologise if some stock is low, SMP2 gets a little over ambitious when a new big store is realised ;P

    *Condos are ready! If I have forgotten to add something to your room, please tell me and I will fix it up. *

    -Alex 2012-04-15_23.33.29.png 2012-04-15_23.34.41.png

    3rd image couldn't be uploaded. :(
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  2. First :D Nice work al.
  3. Thank you, good sir. :3
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  4. Nice work, but I'm starting to think that the super mall idea is getting old, and soon, the small shop will become the choice for buying items. Its still looks good! :)
  5. Thanks :) and well, it was actually I and derek_fawns that started the whole mall business, so please excuse ;P
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  6. You did? That's cool. Its hard to really tell who started them with all of copies.
  7. Yep, good ol' 3423 SMP2 :)
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  8. not really

    sure a smaller shop may have better prices, but in the end people want a reliable way to always find the items they need at a decent price.

    Leowaste and Alex are the pretty well known places to always go to on SMP2
  9. I'm coming over from SMP1 just to see this. :D

    EDIT: Wow, how many rupees did that cost to build? Or did you do it the old-fashioned way?
  10. I just set up a cute little silver sheep wool farm, gave everyone use perms, and people sold the wool back to me for easy money :p
    ... So about 60k ahahaha.

    Thank Aikar :)
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  11. Great job, this turned out AWESOME!
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  12. Thanks Justin :)
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  13. Couple more screenshots ;)

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  14. Lookin Good :) Keep up the great work.
  15. That does look awesome! Great job!
  16. I have some myself, from my little sightseeing tour. I must say it looks more impressive (if that's even possible) at night. Aww, the good ones won't load. :(
    Screen shot 2012-04-15 at 7.13.58 PM.png
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  17. The mall is fantastic, by the way. I suggest everyone - from all servers - stop by.
    You forgot me :(
    Eventually my shop will be decent enough to be mentioned by Aikar.
    And alex, save me a stall, I'll buy one of those when I can get on.
  18. Naww thanks Jon ;P I'll save you one for sure :p
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  19. Great shop! Just visited all the way from SMP6! I must say, the convenience and prices might make it worth sucking up the 20r vault fee's and shopping there more often!
  20. Ack! My true name is revealed! XD
    Thanks ALEX. (that didn't have much sting, did it. :p)
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