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  1. Hey guys, S_R_L_B here. You may not know me (Especially on SMP1) because I am new here.
    I have only been around for about 150 days so I am very new. I am loving this server haven't looked further. Hey I guess you are all wondering what my name means? No? Fine.

    Beans and Cornbread..
  2. lol wut?
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  3. Welcome new member!
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  4. Thanks guys, it may take some time for me to get to know people and post, I think I might try reach 10 post by tomorrow?
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  5. lul smiley face, so ive never seen you around?
  6. For sure :D
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  7. Well if you need any help there is this great player who has been here for over 150 days and is a gold supporter you should go to him his name is S_R.... Oh WAIT!!!!!!

    Darn this wasn't helpful was it :(
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  8. I have heard there are helpful members around, and that guy you were talking about. 150 days! You have got to be kidding me, are you over reacting. He has been on for a long time! I kinda want to meet this guy? He can maybe give me advice?
  9. I've heard Beans and Cornbread before...... Anyway welcome! :D (wut does S_R_L_B mean?)