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  1. Hi, just joined today and trying to figure out how things work. I think I'm in Frontiers and typing /town is not taking me back to the town.
  2. Ya, only tping is in town. Have to go back to the outpost thing you were first on.
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  3. Welcome to EMC and smp5 =]
  4. Welcome to the Empire Bald_Eye!!! :)
  5. Thanks all. Remembered the /assist command and was looking at the stuff in there. Managed to switch servers... which means I lost the bit of gear I started with... oh well.
  6. Welcome to the empire! :D
  7. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  8. This is not a problem. Go back to the smp you were on and your stuff will be back. If you want to change servers and keep you gear, type /vault (a 5 rupee cost I believe) put your stuff in the vault and change servers. Then do /vault again and get your stuff out.

    Oh, by the way Welcome to the Empire and enjoy your stay. :)
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  9. From what I see here you're pretty much stuck in the wild... that's not good at all! Your residence is on SMP1, which means that if you're stuck in the Frontier there you won't have any access to your residence. Not really a good thing. :c

    The good news is, it's pretty easy to get back to town, and you'll have your Starter Gear back when you do so. This is the least complicated way to get back to Town on smp1.

    First, do /smp1 to get back to smp1. Then, do /loc. That'll bring up some information that looks similar to this:

    You need the fourth line down, the one that says You are in the Frontier East region. Yours will look a little different, but you need to look for one word in particular, either Frontier or Wastelands.

    If you see Frontier on the fourth line, that means you're in the frontier and you need to head to the coordinates x -400, z 200. If you see Wastelands on the fourth line, that means you're in the Wastelands and you need to head to 0,0.

    A little bit before you reach those coordinates, you should see a message appear in chat: "Entering protected spawn" or something similar. When you see that message, just do /home to get back to your res.

    I'm not sure how well I explained it, so if you need any more help let me know. :)
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  10. Thanks guys, I figured out last night by using the live map how to get back and then switched back smp5. Going to start a residence tonight.
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