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  1. Not to be confused with Chair King (He's a friend of mine) I am the Great and Almighty Chair Overlord!

    The name, you ask? Let me tell you a story....

    My sister, DenDenDedenne/Emeraldstars was watching
    youtubers say things to a thing called Eviebot.
    I decided i should do that myself,
    so I went to the website and started
    to talk. (to a robot,
    of course) After a while I ran out of ideas
    and said this;

    I am the Chair Overlord, i am immortal and 691.

    The name stuck and thats how I got to where
    I am today! You shall bow down
    to me, for I, am the great
    and almighty Chair Overlord!!

    i also enjoy tf2 now. pm me if you wanna play
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  2. First.

    Ok, I shall bow. (Sorry, All Powerful Overlord simx)
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  3. Hi Chair_Overload, eh I mean Overlord. I see you are the Overlord of the chairs and since I am not a chair, I will still serve the servers higher power " Lord Simx". :rolleyes: Sorry, but welcome to the Empire and enjoy your stay. :)
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