Intro/re-intro/365 days in emc!

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  1. My minecraft story.

    *cracks knuckles and chuckles to himself*

    It began a while back, not sure exactly when, but I remember hearing my classmates saying that when water and lava mixed, obsidian was created. Me, being a geek, told them it created igneous rock. Man, was I wrong...

    Skip about 5 months.

    My brother (eragon132) had gotten hooked to minecraft. I wasn't totally thrilled, but when he got an account I basically took it over. starting around 1.2 beta, I did single player ( as everyone does when they get mc). I tried to log onto multiplayer servers, but didn't understand I.P.s very well. After getting on to my first successful server, I server-hopped to over 20 others before I got here. I logged on 1 hour before the launch of smp2, and got res 4000. Shortly afterwords, I got my account, thetrufflehunter, and quickly lost that prime res spot :p
    I've been one of the least successful players here, (highest rupee balance = 35,000) and have ended up here, 4 days before my 1 year emc anniversary!

    Players I'd like to thank:

    Sh00ter: not sure if you're still around, but you have me a few items which really sank in, and now I give stuff to newbies all the time!

    Crazy1080: while I was fooling around trying to get some rupees, I asked for donations, and a stack of bookcases fell and hit me in the head. You denied it all.

    Chickeneer: been fun to hang it with making the utopia new spawn, and you've been very supportive of me.

    Secretazneks: awesome guy, lives near me, doesn't treat me with utter desdain, what more can I say?

    Asscreamcow, eye-car, smooch, and the justinator... How's it going?

    Krysyyjane1919: 3004. 'Nuff said.

    I'm probably missing lots of people, and thanks to you too. Thanks to the whole community for being awesome.

    Now, for the part you've been waiting for: a drop party on smp2! This will take place most likely this Friday, and will be around 4:00 pm pst. Everyone is welcome, feel free to bring presents ;), and just have fun!

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  2. Gotta love it :p
  3. :p I'm gonna miss it, I have gym. Congratulations and all the best for the party
  4. Happy Year In Emc
  5. sorry to here that bek. thanks mini
  6. It's tomorrow (or Sunday), does anyone care??