(Intro) Hello I'm RumJumbie

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  1. Hello EMC

    My name is RumJumbie. I chose this name because i like the design of the glass bottle with the same name.

    I'm an American and for those who don't live in the states. It means i'm from North America.

    So far I have enjoyed this server. I don't play very much but when I do. I play on this server.

    I like to go Hiking, fishing, camping. Basically a lot of outdoor activities and unfortunately there never seems to be wi-fi out in nature.

    Here is a picture of the glass bottle design i liked so much I named myself after it.

    Yes it is an alcoholic drink and no I don't drink alcohol. I'm old enough to drink it however I just don't care for the taste.

    I'm more of a YooHoo, Strawberry Milk, fruit juice, coffee, and water drinker.

    I like music all types. I don't have an absolute favorite band or artist. But if we were going on volume of songs I like from any one musical talent. Then it would have to be the Beatles.

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  2. Hi RumJumbie. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)