(Intro) Hello I'm RumJumbie

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  1. Hello EMC

    My name is RumJumbie. I chose this name because i like the design of the glass bottle with the same name.

    I'm a Hoosier and for those who don't live in the states. It means i'm from Indiana, North America.

    So far I have enjoyed this server. I don't play very much but when I do. I play on this server.

    I like to go Hiking, fishing, camping. Basically a lot of outdoor activities and unfortunately there never seems to be wi-fi out in nature.

    Here is a picture of the glass bottle design i liked so much I named myself after it.

    Yes it is an alcoholic drink and no I don't drink alcohol. I'm old enough to drink it however I just don't care for the taste.

    I'm more of a YooHoo, Strawberry Milk, fruit juice, coffee, and water drinker.

    I like music all types. I don't have an absolute favorite band or artist. But if we were going on volume of songs I like from any one musical talent. Then it would have to be the Beatles.

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  2. Hi RumJumbie. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)