Into The Far Lands, S0 E0, the "not important" update

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  1. Hello everyone, I'm just playing with the Far Lands here, no survival yet.

    The Beta Far Lands were kind of short, nothing really note-worthy ( apart from the fact that they're laggier than the new Far Lands for some reason.

    The 1.12.1 Far Lands, the newer (less laggy, but larger ironically) Far Lands!

    Apparently a common misconception, not the Far Lands, just normal terrain on top of a world that lost its superflat flag.

    Type 179414499.328 into the coordinate scale ( after clicking presets ) and... BEST SURVIVAL MAP EVER!!!

    I STAND CORRECTED!!!!!!!!!

    Poor villagers, they have no protection, and they can't even feed themselves. :(

    Well, this episode sucks, but it's only the zeroth episode, so don't assume it should be the best thing ever okay?

    This has been Into The Far Lands, Episode 1 should come out this Friday, and every other significant episode will come out on Fridays!
    I'm Hunter2002, and I will be back, Remember, Infinity is real, SEEEYAAAAAAAA!!!
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  2. Sorry, there were issues with things, I have all of the screenshots readyfor E1 (for all 0 of you who care) but my computer is still giving me a hard time (I miss my old computer, didn't crash because of the Far Lands, but was infected by a virus (because my sister's were on my computer trying to *I don't even know*))
    But back to Into The Far Lands! E1 will become released ASAP! So nobody panic, I don't want 1 of all 0 of you panicking over this, okay? Sall gud bruhs, keh?
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  3. I see nobody likes the Far Lands, TOO BAD! E1 will come out whether you like it or not!