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  1. So yesterday i was on the server when my internet crashed. I decided just to go to bed and wake up with it working but it still says DNS lookup failed or something like that. the weird thing is i can still access the internet on my ipod Using the exact same wireless connection.. Help?!
  2. Try using google DNS. "Google that s***" I mean. But seriously, google DNS is probably what you should try. I had this problem a while ago and I'm using OpenDNS. Just google it, should be pretty easy to find.
  3. Your problem could have probably been fixed already but if your using windows go to command prompt or cmd. If you have windows vista/7 you need to run as an administrator. When cmd prompt is run type this command
    This should say something being cleared out about a cache. If problem persists type this command, I suggest writing it down for this one.
    It should disable your network connection. Now relax don't panic this is normal. When you feel your ready type the command below. Your network connection should be returned.
    You don't need to do this on a daily to a weekly basis but I suggest doing it at least once every 3 months. If this helped a like would be appreciated :D