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  1. Please help!I have an connection problem with minecraft servers...When i took things from chest after a while they vanish and they go back to the chest and i take them again AND ITS HAPPENING THE SAME THING AGAIN!:mad:Please If you know any solution help me..but i change internet servise :/
  2. Oh at the last i mean I DONT want to change internet service...Sorry for bad english
  3. It is called the chest glitch. It happens whenever we update. Just keep calm and to verify that you get the items leave the chest and enter it again.
  4. So..i cant fix it :3?
  5. It server side I think.
  6. But it happens and in other servers
  7. What I mean is its server/ Minecraft side. This will happen on most servers and it because of Billie mostly if we are still running it.
  8. This happens when you right click a chest more than once before it opens, resulting in the chest glitch.

    To avoid this glitch, right click the chest only once. Opening any chest, furnace, crafting table, etc, will check if you just experienced the chest glitch.
  9. It happens mostly when you are lagging... i know i was lagging realllly bad the other day and that happened like 24267839 times to me. But it is no problem, just irritating :mad:
  10. Trust me this is no where near as irritating as the 1.3 chest Glitch. Things just disappeared. I lost 1 stack of diamond ore.
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