Interior & Exterior Designer Services.

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  1. I tend to get compliments on my res, and some people have asked me to help design rooms and or houses, both inside and out. I've decided that I'll try to offer these services to the people :)

    Who/What - Me, Designing for you!
    When - Whenever You & I are available!
    Where - Your Place!
    How - I Visit Your Res, You tell me what you're interested in!
    Why - You're Paying Me To Do It! :D

    I'm interested in maybe 200r a room, on average, I can supply the materials.
    (Unless Drastic. Ex, Diamond Block Floors!)
    Of course, I'll tally up extra R for any materials I provide.
    If interested, PM me, or post here! :D
    Down Below Are My Res/Previous Jobs.

    2012-06-17_22.28.07.png 2012-06-17_22.28.19.png 2012-06-17_22.29.54.png 2012-06-17_22.31.09.png 2012-06-17_22.30.15.png 2012-06-17_22.28.37.png
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  2. Smp5 10222
  3. Would you like me to come decorate?
  4. Okay, I can stop by tomorrow, Is that okay?