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  1. So I was in my residence and, as I normally do, I was seeing what I could do with flags.
    And I found a few interesting things. :)

    Destroy Flag
    Place Flag
    Bucket Flag

    All of these take priority over Build Flag. That is to say, if you give somebody +Build they will be able to do all the things the above flags allow. Now, if you added a -Destroy flag and a -Place flag, a +build flag becomes a +bucket flag (in the simplest sense) as well as allowing one to kill animals. This being the case, you can allow somebody to breed and harvest your animals without letting them break things or place things. :)

    And on the contrary, you can disallow somebody from killing animals on your residence by flagging +destroy and +Place in place of +build :)

    Oh, and there is still the unused Group Flags that, while marginally interesting, does not do anything at all. :p

    Examples of flags being used (in theory)

    Letting somebody place blocks but not break or kill animals:

    Let's examine that.

    Part one, the "res" is telling the server that you are using a residence modify command. (Justin probably has a smarter name for it.)

    Part two, the "pset" is specifying that it is a Player Flag, (Or personal flag, something like that.) with alternate uses being "set" (for global, as it applies to everyone) and "gset" (for all players in a certain group) flags.

    Part three, "8001" is specifying that I am modifying the residence with address "8001" though you'd want to replace this with your information. :) If left blank, it will assume the residence you are in.

    Part four, "Crazy1080" is where you decide who is being flagged (or in the case of a "set" this is left blank, and in a "gset" it doesn't matter as no groups exist. :)) If you leave it blank, you will get an error when "pset-ing". :p

    Part five, "place" is the flag that you are assigning to the instance specified in part four. Below is a list of all (most) flags and what they do.

    Move: Allows or disallows player movement in the area

    Use: Allows or disallows the using of redstone mechanics and other operable items

    Container: Allows or disallows the opening of container items, be it Chests, Furnaces, Dispensers, Cauldrons or Brewing Stands.

    Build: Allows or disallows the ability to place blocks, break blocks, kill animals, trample crops, and in conjunction with Container, place access signs. Build also allows players to eggify animals on the specified lot, however this can be averted by granting place / destroy instead.

    Place: Overrules the placing functions of Build, can be used to let a worker continuously plant an auto farm without being allowed to cause too much damage.

    Destroy: The inverse of Place flag, in that while it still overrules a function of Build, it is the opposite function; the ability to destroy blocks. When used in conjunction with Place, one can effectively create and break items on a lot while not being able to place access signs (if container is also given) or kill animals.

    Firespread: While it only specifies fire, it actually halts all spreading on your residence. This flag cannot be used as a "pset" or a "gset" as it has to globally effect your entire residence.

    Bucket: Overrules the bucket capabilities of Build. Not any real significant use to it.

    TNT: Allows the detonation of TNT on the residence, though TNT can still only be placed by Diamond Supporters. If this flag is not true, TNT will simply cease to exist upon "detonation."

    Piston: A generally useless flag that keeps pistons from extending or retracting.

    Flow: Can be used to halt the flow of liquids on a Residence. While at first it may appear to have no practical use, a lot of very neat designs can be created by using floating lava / water. It is overridden by the self-explanatory "Lavaflow" and "Waterflow" flags.

    There are other flags, of course, but you cannot modify them. Such flags being PVP, Monsters, Creeper, Healing and Damage.

    The final part of the command, part six, specifies what you are doing with the flag. The only possible permutations for this are "True" "False" and "Remove" and all are rather self explanatory. They can be abbreviated to "t" "f" and "r" for convenience, mind. :)

    More will be added to this as more exists, but for now, hope it helped! :)

    (Oh I really hope this is the right forum for this... Seems like I'm helping / supporting people...)
  2. Any clue about the spoiler bug, btw? I have fixed it prior, I just don't know what the cause is. :)
  3. Creeper flag...? ...What? :confused:

    Also, interesting commands. Though since I'm a bit of a hermit, I won't have to mess with them often.
  4. If there is a +Monsters flag and a -Creepers flag, whenever a creeper explodes it will not do damage to players or terrain. :)
  5. Ah, that makes sense. I thought it gave you the ability to become the creeper.
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  6. That's Staff only. :)
  7. Awesome. Just a word of caution, most of this is not documented on the Empire because some of it was not intended (such as giving place and break but not build to not be able to kill animals). I am not saying not to use it, just be warned that anything not documented in the guide is subject to change :)
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  8. Staff get all the cool things.../me is jealous.
  9. Just informing the community of some neat things that you can do with your Flags. :)
  10. Wait arent there groups such as gold, moderator, regular etc.
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  11. They do exist, however Justin never implemented any groups to be compatible with "gset" :) I don't believe the feature was ever intended to be used.
  12. Can we create custom groups? Like..."Srgntcuddles' Squad of Furry Fighting Miner Dudes"?
  13. Correct gset is worthless, it is not compatible with our groups.
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  14. Updated post with the Flow-Related commands. :)
  15. Updated to contain some other stuff, reformatted, necro bumped.
  16. Can you guys please post a list of available "hidden" flags that users like us can set? And when can we set sub-plots in our residences? I would like users to use a public stone gen :). Maybe limit 1 sub-plot in 1 residence? Or maybe 2?
  17. That ability of ours to turn into mobs was only for April fools day, it has since been removed

    This are listed in the OP, check the spoiler for the details. :)
  18. Ah..... ok.... But Place and destroy were the only flags I didn't knew then. Thanks for the tip ;)
  19. I think there's sub region for residence. Just that it's not use in empire.
    And what about the 'ignites' flag ;)
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