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  1. No staff are on the servers during weekdays on Holidays yet so many other players are.
    They're probably working at their jobs.
    This has been another fact from:
  2. :confused: I'm pretty sure i see Max or Aikar on daily on smp1 or smp5 on a regular bases. As for Mods at least half are on most of the time. Some can be sign in and not show that they are online. :)
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  3. There's a tool called square we use. We don't have to be logged into the server to monitor them. Right now 8 of us are on square :) - though no one is logged into a server.
  4. That was more of an observation, not a fact.
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  5. This is Hydro reporting the daily fun fact:
    Most of the people in the US do NOT know how to fill out a bank deposit slip properly.
    Back to you, Jim!
  6. Not their fault. Our economy has sucked the last 4 years, so nobody has money to use a deposit slip. :p
  7. And due to the results of a recent election, will it suck for the next four years?
  8. Oh god, no! Not another political thread!
  9. Well, our current President has shown that while he might have some strengths, finances and business aren't one of them. It's going to be rocky that's for sure.
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  10. Nope.
  11. Well, just like to say this...Nov 6, 2012 - stock market crashed -300.
    Unemployment rate has gone up .8 percent since Nov 6, 2012.
    I think it will be another terrible four more years or pure anti-JFK by president Obama.
    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country."-JFK
    And right now, with Obamacare and welfare, people in America are relying on there government.
    Just yesterday, my dad and I passed through this million dollar houses neighborhood. He said to me, "Now son,if you work hard, have enough deciplin, and go to college, you will be able to one day own that house."
    He did not say, "Son, if you don't work for it, don't worry, the government will help you get it." And that my friends, is what 51% of America voted for. What a shame.
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  13. Well, in that case...
  14. :D Just have to tightening our belts and make the best of it.
  15. The topic of politics is like a "large boulder rolling down a steep hill, once it starts rolling, there's no stopping it." - Me
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