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  1. I think we all come across different whacky facts or something new and interesting that we never would've known, had we not seen it. Often times, these are screenshots or pictures on twitter, Facebook, or any other social media (sometimes they even come up on iFunny). They are often referred to as "mind blown" facts.

    So, I wanted to start a thread where you can post any of those interesting facts or screenshots of pictures that you might have come across one time or another and saved them.

    Due to this somewhat foggy/bad description of what I mean by "interesting pictures," here are a few examples of some that I have come across...




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    Nagini was a female venomous green viper and the one harry released was a large brown boa constrictor.
  3. So if I become president and get shot in a Pinto...
    Then maybe in 100 years we'll have our first Mexican president :D
  4. And maybe he'll be shot while eating pintos :eek:
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  5. Is it worth a shot?
  6. Not worth owning a Pinto, no.
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