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  1. So i was on youtube just a while ago and i saw that this player had made a TNT player launcher that got him 24k vertical blocks in the air (8:20 for vid)

    Well anyways, an interesting question popped into my mind.
    If someone actually had access to enough resources, could the build that in town, launch them into the sky, and then use the command /res tpsign successfully? I mean, would the tp sign made after that teleport you 24,000 meters in the air? Surely it would be the most impressive skydive on the server (15 min fall).

    I dont know, maybe this is a silly waste of space here but i thought it was pretty interesting.
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  2. since diamond members are the only ones with tnt perms they are the only ones to be able to set it off.. but if they launched you but set it off themselves it could work...

    This sounds like something I would totally do actually...

  3. i would so do this
    Only problem is i would probably accidently grief myself (and everyone else around me) in the process

    (from my alt)
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  4. I'd do this on my utopia lot... only not mine because mine's occupied. But i have a friend who'd do it. PM me if you're interested. I have an idea ;)
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  5. oh geez. this could lag emc a bit....

    theory: Wont work. Tp set may only be set to build able blocks. IE the blocks that only go to 256.
  6. Also. If you would like to "test" this without going full scale. Use a dirt tower to get to ~240 block. Make an obsidian platform. make a simple 3-4 layer tnt launcher. blow up. /res tpset while above the 256 mark. if that works, then can prolly make a 15min sky dive tp.
  7. And isn't TNT disabled in town even for diamond supporters.
  8. no
  9. Me and a friend who is diamond supporter tried to make a TNT cannon on smp5 and it just disapeard in stead of blowing up.
  10. Now your thinking with portals.
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  11. you and your friend either forgot to set "/res set tnt true" or was too close to the edge of the res.
  12. hmmmm I didn't know about the perm.
  13. I've been playing around with this in sp, and I think I could get something working. I shall try.

    EDIT: up to 1k blocks. Not sure my design could do 24k... Might have to rework it.
  14. My launcher designs only reach about 1k to 2k.. :(
  15. that would suck if it did. if only we had some sort of super powerful being that could test it *coughicecreamcow
  16. Lol it would be fun to use this in the wild if we could make it shoot on a diagonal XD we would just need a lot of feather falling boots...........................or an ocean
  17. lol i dont think feather falling would solve a 24k block fall ahah