Interesting Fact - Notch controls planetary motion

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  1. So on the new Wilderness Outposts (coming with 1.0 updates), I decided to rename the outposts North, South, East, and West. After getting the code in place to generate them, and firing up the test server all the directions were off. I spent hours tryin to figure out what the heck was going on. Finally I discovered that in 1.0 Notch actually changed where the sunrises and sets, thus rotating the compass.

    It is best explained by another plugin developer `Mike Primm`:
    So I got everything fixed but this means when we upgrade to 1.0 what you thought was North before is now West. On the live map North will actually be to the right instead of up. So yeah that is an interesting 1.0 gotcha that most people didn't know ;)
  2. That update occurred in 1.9pre4 I believe. Simultaneous with the rounding of the sun/moon and the addition of lunar phases.
  3. So, that means the clouds always fly towards the West now?
  4. The sun supposedly rose in the north and set in the south. Which means the clouds used to go East. Which means they now go South.

    But I'm probably wrong.
    I was wrong.
    Sun rose in the South and set in the North. (Based on Map Orientation, Mind you.) Which means Clouds used to go West. Which means they now go North, even though they technically always went North...
  5. Well, I know that the clouds USED to go North. (Or currently do on 1.8)
  6. Well, Notch is a god.
    The clouds can be moving North and East at the same time, but not North-East. He's just that powerful.
  7. Lol, Notch why art thou so godlike?
  8. He created the universe. Have you not defeated an Ender Dragon?
  9. Not yet no, waiting for the bukkit on this server to update, then I can update my minecraft. ;)
  10. When you do eventually play 1.0.0, use the seed "InAWorldThatIsUnderwater"

    Mountain Biome with Caves 'n' stuff.
  11. <sigh>

    I can't see why this change was even necessary at all. All it functionally does is serve to confuse people as far as I can see. I mean, North was north, right? Who cares if it wasn't right in the programming? It was just fine in practice, and no one would ever have noticed.

    I don't know, I guess there must be some reason it's important... I just can't say one way or another. I just hope it wasn't a preference thing... or a perfectionist thing, because those are poor reasons to mess with people like this.

    Any guesses as to whether the live map software will be updating so that North is up again some time in the future?

    I have come to detest and fear updates due to this exact kind of thing, lol.

    Oh, and while I'm talking about it... I'm totally not looking forward to 1.0... just like I wasn't with 1.8.

    As far as I'm concerned Minecraft is about to get worse than it got with 1.8. I may be wrong of course. In fact I'm hoping I am... but I wasn't wrong about 1.8. It was a step away from what makes a good game for me in several ways. I would go back to playing 1.7 in a heartbeat... but I like the Empire too much for that.

    This isn't just negativity here, it's a realistic outlook of things based on my taste in games and my experience with being sorely disappointed by game updates that partially or totally ruin a good game for me.

    Besides, why are they reorienting the celestial bodies when their absolute most popular feature, thier server software, still isn't stable!?! :mad:

    ...bugs me a lot!
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  12. Lol
  13. With all this talk how far are we untill the servers can be tested with bukit
  14. everything i have noticed so far in 1.0 is it's pretty much the same as 1.8 i'm not really seeing a difference in play
  15. Hm...I'm actually getting an opposite reaction to all the updates. I LOVE the depth that's being added to it. Add to the replay value with each one. The best thing, is nobody actually has to really do ALL the new stuff if they don't want to.
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  16. The plugin we use to generate the maps (Dynmap) has already put out a way to rotate the HD maps (so Town for us) but not the normal maps. But so they are all the same (North right) I left it how it is. I mean although the cardinal directions changed "up" on the live map is still "up" as before.

    I agree that changes do sometimes suck. But I understand we were playing a beta game so I will save getting mad for next time haha
  17. Wait... so my res is on the north side of town instead of the east side? This changes everything!!! It's like saying the sun is made of ice... or the moon is actually a meteor we stopped with Jedi force powers...
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  18. lol
  19. Not beta anymore though :p
  20. Okay I had to move to a different map renderer but I have gotten all the maps to rotate with 1.0. This means on the live maps up will still be north. But the map of Towns will have rotated 90 degrees. Let me know if this doesn't make sense :)

    The good news is that the maps will look a lot better, and you will be able to zoom out more :) now you can actually zoom out enough to easily move to view the outposts
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