Interesting 1.2.3 Seeds

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  1. Care to share a few?
    Mine seems particularly strange, the terrain seems to have loaded oddly... It seems much more- if you'll pardon the term- "blocky" than usual.

    Seed: walruswalruswalrus
  2. Best seed is "Holland" and "0"
  3. Hm? What's special about them?
  4. Both have loads of jungle biomes and tonnes of dungeons and holland has a stronghold inder the spawn about 1000 blockes east
  5. How does the "seed" work? I never understood what it means and what it does.
  6. A seed is the basis for each Minecraft world. Worlds generated with the same seed in the same game version are the same.
  7. What Zabriel said. c:
    To use seeds, select 'Create New World', then 'More World Options'. There will be a box that says "Seed for the World Generator". This is where you'll put the code for the seed, which can be just about anything.
  8. a Pretty good seed is datvillagehashax
    You spawn next to a village and a jungle within 20 blocks of each other
  9. But then my next question is,

    How are the seeds able to determine the location and layout of the land? If I want to be on an island with lots of trees, do I type "tress and islands", "treestreesstresstresstressisland"?

    Notch sure does make this game a lot more complicated.
  10. No, you can't predetermine where and what you'll spawn. All you can do is generate a world at random until you find what you want, then share the seed with other people.
    Notch just likes making things new and exciting. :D
  11. if you want a huge forest do the seed 2012
  12. I Didnt Expect there to be a village i just was being stupid for like a hour and got this, each seed is random for each version of minecraft like lost will spawn you in a different world than LoSt and lost in version 1.1 will spawn you in a different place than lost in 1.2.3.
    Yes it is very complicated