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  1. I need an interest check on this:
    Mall Corporation
    For mall owners to give to the community.

    What we are:
    We are what you could say an 'insurance' company. Only, we are run by the same people we insure.

    What we plan to do:
    • Support Malls throughout the empire on any server
    • Get an average price on all items.
    • Create events for not only malls, but for community wise to.
    • Have a list of malls in the corporation categorized by server.
    My reasoning behind this:
    Because there is different economic communities on the servers, there will also be a higher chance of success on some but not on others. For example, servers with less people on such as 3 don't have many shops and stores, but putting a mall on it would either be really helpful or really unhelpful. The less malls on any server, the less competition, but there shouldn't be a monopoly. Some people think 1 is full of abandoned malls, which isn't true. There are two major malls, but there is also some successful malls that aren't widely known.
    With this new system put into place, people will communicate on not only what's good for their mall, but what's good for all malls on their server. Meaning, instead of trying to compete, you work together to get good consumer satisfaction from everyone.

    Please give me feedback on this idea. And if you want to help me finalize it, PM me please.
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  3. I don't know if this is the best idea. This would be monopolizing the econony.
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  4. This would be better explained as checks and balances. :3
  5. Don't like, sounds like a terribly socialist idea. If you get rid of supplier and consumer competition you in essence become Aikar in your ruination of the economy. Also people in my opinion don't have mega malls because they want to see everyone become some building savant. They do so because it is profitable and can lead to power in the community.
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