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  1. Hi!
    I just came up with an idea of a new type of MC "game", that I Interactive MC.
    It's simple.
    You tell me that you want to play, and either say Biome, Seed or just Random if you don't care about that.
    When I spawn, I will give you 3 choices on what I should do, depending on what is nearby me.

    All games are now hold in Private Conversations, but you may still START a game here ;)

    I spawn near a Forest, in a Desert.
    Choices: A-Collect Sand
    B- Collect Cactus
    C- Collect Wood

    Also, you will get choices on what to do nearly all the time.
    I collected xx wood, what to do now?
    A-Build a House
    B-Build a Tower
    C-Dig an underground base
    D-Make all types of tools (in wood)
    E-Make Wooden Pickaxe and mine

    It's night and I see 2 zombies approaching me.
    What should I do?
    A-Fight both at the same time
    B-Fight them, one at a time
    C-Run away, any direction
    D-Run home

    I'm in a mine, and I see some ores.
    But to get to them I have to make a bridge, beecause it's lava under me.
    What should I do?
    A-Make a bridge
    B-Jump to the ores
    C-Go up to the Surface
    D-Go away and look for other ores.

    Note: when underground, or in Nether, the choice "Go up to the surface" will almost always be available.
    If you would like to play, just tell me :)

    There are currenly 3 Games running, and 5 have been run in total.

    High Scores:
    Longest Survival: Shaunwhite1982 - 4 Days

    Best Mining-Loot: Shanuwhite1982 - 10 Diamonds

    Best Farming:

    Wisest Choice-Picker: Shaunwhite1982
  2. Noone wants to try? :(
    It's totally* free!

    Not a lie! <-- How do I hide it? :confused:

    *Yes, lol, it's 100% free =3
  3. Yay, you want to play?
    Ok :)

    I spawned in a Snow Biome, close to a few mountains.
    I see a few trees, some pumpkins and some high grass
    There's also a cave start close to me.
    What should I do?
    A-Collect Plants
    B-Collect Wood
    C-Go in the Cave
  4. I went to the highest Mountain and climbed it.
    There was a Large Oak tree on the top.
    I collected the wood, I now have 30 Oak Logs.
    I see 4 pumpkins.

    HP: 9
    Food Bar: 6 ½

    What should I do now?
    A-Collect more wood
    B-Start Building
    C-Craft Tools
    D-Collect Plants
    E-Go to the Cave
    F-Collect Snow

  5. I will now include my HP and my Food Bar :)

    Also, anyone is allowed to play this.
    There can be as many players at the same time, just beware that the answers/choices/reports might come a bit later if there are too many players.
    If alot of people likes and plays this, I will add a HighScore-Board, and maybe even Rewards, depending on how long you can make me survive.
  6. When you say many people can play at once, do you mean we:
    A. All play the same game?
    B. Play an individual game for each player?

    Sorry I couldn't resist. :p

    If the answer to my question is:
    a - I think you should craft tools
    b - Random seed for me please
  7. The answer of your question is b.

    But if 2 (or more) players wants so play a game together, they can choose to do that :).
    I will create your world in a min...
  8. So, Shaun, I started your Game :).

    HP: 10
    Food Bar: 10

    I spawned in a Forest, close to a beach with lots of sand.
    There were both Birch and Oak trees, and some High Grass.
    What should I do first?

    A-Collect Wood
    B-Collect Sand
    C-Collect Plants
  9. CAN I play???
  10. Yep, just pick a Biome, a Seed, or just totally Random :)
  11. Wise choice.
    Wood is always a good first choice.

    I collected 18 Oak Logs and 14 Birch Logs.
    Also 3 Oak Saplings and 4 Birch Saplings :).

    Hp: 10
    Food Bar: 9

    What should I do now?
    A-Collect Sand
    B-Collect Plants
    C-Clear an area for building
    E-Swim out from the island, towards the ocean
    F-Go to a Desert Biome nearby
  12. I choose random
  13. Option C - I need a nice spot for a shack with amenities, and a small farm
  14. alex can we move this to private chat?
  15. I recommend starting a Game before you choose options :p