Intellectual Property Question

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  1. Is it against the rules in EMC to visually copy other players machina on your own res and then tinker on them to make them more productive, or if it is a machina whose mechanics don't work properly anymore in the current version, to tweak it to do what it was meant to do? I mean within reason, I don't mean like copying illegal machina, but stuff that can be semi-mechanized.
  2. It is not illegal to use someone else's design. Intellectual property is not protected. However, it is normally best to give credit to the original builder of the machina through the use of a sign, etc.
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  3. I'm not sure how anyone could prove they were the originator of such a design in the first place... without a patent office to register your inventions in, there's no registry of protected inventions. :p
  4. I dont't think it would be illegal, like stated above, there is no way of proving that you came up with the idea. But it wouldn't be nice to copy someone else's idea and then claim it as your own. You should give credit to whoever gave you the idea.
  5. Really, it isn't illegal to use a residence although it is polite to ask the res owner. Edit: That was pointless.
  6. none of your minecraft designs belong exclusively to you as the mechanisms that allow them to exist were invented by mojang. from a legal perspective any case using video game designs as intellectual property has had no precedent