Instrument Bias or Battles or whatever you want to call this...

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  1. This idea came from padde73's instrument appreciation thread. However, instead of appreciating the instrument, we will be debating between the instruments that we are most biased to. For instance, the violin is better than any other instrument. :p

    Since I am a violinist, I have a bias for my instrument and I believe that it is the best and that all other instruments are inferior... or something like that... ;)

    All you have to do is name your instrument and how/why it would win.
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  2. Tubas and pianos shall crush your puny violins.
  3. Ukuleles would CLEARLY win, as I said over at my thread, look at this

    "crowed cheering over the easy Victory" then the crowed starts to kick all the other instruments and that's the tale about how the ukulele is small but will win so EASY!
    Edit: This thread should be closed because I just wrecked all of you
  4. Nope. Won't happen. Pianos would not betray a violin as many people, including myself, enjoy playing both instruments.

    Tubas are too big and clumsy, so before a violin would be crushed, the tuba player would trip over him/herself and fail in its mission to annihilate any string instruments.
  5. I don't know... This is pretty impressive...
  6. Dubstep shall conquer your soul...

  7. Nothing against you but dubstep is so bad that it should step of the stage and make room for the ukulele :D
  8. You HAD to use videos with marshmellos in the title... Hate to break it to whoever that guy is, but the correct spelling is M-A-R-S-H-M-A-L-L-O-W-S. Kthxbye.
    Is he torturing that instrument?! Also:
  9. Marshmallo is the name of the remix ;) it's too cool for you.
  10. Dear EMC'ers...
    Don't let this blasphemy fool you.

    'nuff said.

    Trombones master race.
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  11. I once pressed 3 keys on a piano, and it didn't sound terrible, so I guess you could say I'm a pianist and am biased towards pianos.
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  12. No... Just no... Violins serenade cows just as much as you nasty trombones do...

    Also... Maybe we should appreciate the sound that our instruments make all together?

    or not... VIOLINS RULE!!!
  13. Was it electric so it made helicopter sounds? I love it when that happens. :3
  14. I think that is my favorite part about keyboards
  15. No, that's an expert technique, too advanced for me.
  16. Damn was hoping that I could find someone to write me a mastapeece.
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  17. I'm a little bit mortified this thread has gone on so long without anyone mentioning guitars. I mean... guitars, dude. Think of all the cool noises you can make with an electric guitar and a fairly basic amplifier.
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  18. Tubas and pianos ftw.

    Yes, tubas are slow to carry around, but they are deadly at close range. Basically, the shotgun of the musical world. Pianos can spoof any instrument with just a couple pushes of buttons. (Digital Pianos that is)
  19. Clearly trombones are the best
    Beat me, I was going to post the same thing :p
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