instructions for stocking and restocking a shop

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am a little confused on how to stock and restock shops. I have read lots of things and visited lots of shops and some of them have [PREVIEW] etc. but I still don't know how to stock and restock. Can someone help me out and give me stock and restock instructions...

  2. You can only sell to a shop that has a :S on the sign.
    If you are required to restock a shop without selling or if its your chest shop on another persons residence, then you need a [access] sign with your name on it above the chest or container permissions.
    If its your residence, you can simply put the designated item being sold into the chest and set up the shop sign with that item (make sure it says 'Shop Created!' when making shop sign).
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  3. If you have your own shop, design it in such a way that it is easy to do. I am putting preview signs in mine so others can sell without worrying the chest will fill up.
  4. what do you mean selling without the chest filling up? If the chest is empty then you are out of stock, yes? I'm still confused, sorry...
  5. Get nubs who want money, hire for low rate per each resource. You got a profitable shop.
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  6. Only the shop owner and hired suppliers will stock a shop. That involves the physical act of putting items in a chest and setting up the sign. Simply put the items you wish to sell in a chest and place a shop sign as follows:

    [Credit: Wiki]

    Be sure to arrange your items into sections, such as minerals, plants, food, tools, etc. This makes items easier to find if you're selling a lot of items. It makes shoppers much happier and they'll be more likely to come back to a store in which they can easily find what they're looking for. Look at some well-known malls for examples.

    If you wish to allow players to assist you in stocking your shop, you have the option of letting them sell to you for rupees. Simply set the sign up like so, and it'll allow players to sell their items to your shop. It's less stocking that you have to do.

    [Credit: Wiki]

    You can also allow players to both buy and sell on the same shop sign. I recommend visiting the Player Shop Signs wiki page for more detailed descriptions of shop signs.
    If you wish to let friends or other players stock your shop with you, there are a few options. You can give them container flag, which will give access to all of your chests, with the command /res pset username container true, replacing 'username' with the other person. Alternatively, you can set up access signs above every chest. Put access on the first line and the player's name on the second.
    I noticed you also mentioned preview chests. Putting a sign with [ PREVIEW ] on the first line will allow players to see what is in the chest without actually opening it. Think of it as a read-only version of the chest. Setting up preview signs on your shop chests is good because it allows players to tell how much stock you have left. It's optional, but definitely not harmful.
    Hopefully I answered your questions. If not, let me know.

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  7. So what you are saying is if the shop is on my res I can just open the chests to restock?
  8. Yeah.
  9. Awesome! Thanks a bunch!
  10. I restock mine, using a sorter system. So I drop the items I sell in one chest. The sorter does the work for me.:D
  11. Yup, the basics are that if you are doing your own shop, then you just put out some chests on your res, and fill them up with what you want to sell.
    Shop signs work as the method to which items are bought or sold automatically (other players simply click on them, and the item/rupees transfer automatically!)

    As they are chests on your residence, you (and anybody else with admin/container flags) can open the chests.
    Careful with this however, if you buy and sell items, there is only that 'trust' preventing others with flags from opening your chest, taking all the items out, and then selling them back to you. Repeat till you have no more rupees. (of course scamming in this way is punishable, but is still horrible to go thru, so always be careful of whom you trust)

    Now, if it is stocking some other players shop on a different res, then you stock it however they want you to. Whether it is selling to their shop signs, using access chests, or container flags.

    Hope this helps, and YAY for the purple!
    Good luck!