instructions for joining server?

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  1. I have never been on a minecraft server or server site before, and I dont get it. I need very incredibly simple and detailed step by step instructions on how to get a lot of land to build on, and I mean very simple instructions. tell it to me like Im dumb, and dont know where a single thing is on this site. please?
  2. Okay first, have you completed the tutorial?
  3. I read the introduction, but how do u get to the tutorial?
  4. You know where you first spawned when you joined the server?
    That's the tutorial, did you complete that?
  5. You open minecraft.

    Click Multiplayer

    Click the button that says 'Add'

    in the server Name type in SMP(1-9 whichever you choose)

    and the ip address smp(1-9 whichever you choose)
    (it should look like so

    then click ok

    Then click the server

    Then on the bottom of the page, click Join Server.

    if you need more help after that, let me know.
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  6. I think he has already joined the server, just hasn't completed the tutorial.
  7. Well, if he has, then he has not made it through the tutorial, which, we can not help with. We can only point him to the guide.
  8. Yep, /p confirms it, he's still a guest.
    And after that, he should know how to claim a res from the tutorial and guide.
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  9. I fear this player is asking for help on how to get out of the tutorial.
    I'm probably going to be replacing the TF2 quote in my sig with a link to the guide. The guide is here: