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  1. Hello do any of you use instagram? If not and you have an iphone or iPod now is the time to start.
    My account is jimbonothing64
    If you want to follow me or want me to follow you.
    I also use insta message
  2. I despise Instagram, but at this point, I basically hate anything that has to do with social networking. I feel Instragram's purpose is to take filtered photos of a McDonalds Big Mac.
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  3. Instagram, a hipsters best friend.
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  4. I use instagram once in a while, sometimes there's some cool photographers on there.
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  5. this is a social networking site? :p
  6. It's owned by Facebook.
  7. I meant this website your on at the moment (EMC)
  8. "I called Instagram HipsterCam before hipsters called Instagram Hipstercam." - A Hipster
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  9. Dear god, no.
  10. Lol wut?
  11. Hipstercam is owned by Facebook.
  12. How hipster.