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  1. Wow! I am just amazed at all the different projects around, especially all the cool museums, so much so it inspired me to start a project myself.

    Being new I don't think I know all the tricks to build anything so stunning as some things I have seen, like those HUGE globes, but thought I'd start out with a small Theme Restaurant and rooming house. decided on a ship, and so far have the first half framed out. Will keep the thread updated as I move along.

    I will be over by Finch's Museum and the pvp on smp6. Hopefully I can get it up and running not long after Finch is done (what a monster that build is!)
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  2. When reading first line of your post, thought you where sarcastic over that dirt thing. But now I saw the ship it looks nice ! Will you flood your res with water?
  3. Thanks Steve,

    yes, plan to make a dock and fishing area, if this works ok I plan to make a larger one in Utopia. Hope to add some interactive things if I can figure them out.
  4. Update1 : Almost finished off the design for the upper decks on the starboard, now off to work on the lower hull design. Still need to study minecraft more to decide on some details though.

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  5. News update: Now finished the port side of the ship... colours, canons and all. Also have the main sail more or less worked out. Sails are definitely complicated to get the right look.

    Once the property is completed will be opening to the public sometime in May with restaurant, shops, rooms, fishing etc. Will send a general invite once I am ready.

    Also now my daughter had joined me on the Empire, so we are having some fun mining and battling together. She's probably a better fighter than me at this point :-(
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  6. Why do you have that dirt border around your res? The dirt wall is covering some of the ship. If you don't want people accessing your res, just do /res set move false
  7. Its just temporary while I work out the landscaping. Put it up originally to block the view (temporarily)
  8. She's Afloat! Finally finished the ship enuff to get her launched. Now need to work on the furnishings and landscaping. Open to any furniture ideas. I may be slow but still advancing :) Stop by to enjoy the campfire anytime!