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  1. i have NO idea of what to create on my res. Ive got builder's block!!!!!! If anyone has any ideas for me I'm on smp6 #12982. Anybody who gives me a REALLY GOOD idea will receive a share in the profit my store will make for a whole YEAR! Good ideas will get a share for 6 months. Normal ideas
    get a share for 3 months. add comments and share ideas!!!:rolleyes:
  2. A giant statue of Batman, a giant iron bell, and/or a monument to Justin and Jeremy.
  3. Well, I have been needing a temple of Legit for awhile...
  4. i like the giant iron bell idea and the batman statue! The contest ends July 30th so tell your fellow minecrafters!!
  5. You should make like 1 big fountain in each corner and like build a monument of whatever you like. Then, there should be a little hotel for the people! Next, you can have a lava floor with glass in top. I'll show you what I mean but make a good time...
  6. Smp8 /v wilyum
    Tell me whatcha think. :)
  7. my res (1285 smp1 ) is a good place to start. lets see if your talented in the modern arts ;)
  8. Make a huge building taking up 56x 56 and make it part store part hotel with multiple floors. Stone brick would look really nice
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  9. Search in the thing Jimbo tower.
    That should do the trick :)