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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by fluffinator09, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. HELP
    I seem to have broken Minecraft.
    I have no idea what I did, I just disconnected from EMC decided I wanted to get back on and I got...
  2. Session Servers are down. Wait like 30 minutes for them to go back on.
    This is happening to everyone so just
  3. Dude, delete the picture, it contains personal info.
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  4. How?
  5. Yea. Realize that now.
    Yea Hash how?
  6. I made a thread a long time ago like this, a mod edited out my pic. He said it contained personal info so........... yeah
  7. I'm on the servers, lucky me!
  8. I doubt that URL contains personal info. It looks like it contains a session token, which probably changes every time to login to Minecraft.
  9. Yea most likely.
  10. Which mod?
  11. someone can use that URL code to access you %appdata% file and get into your .minecraft jar and BOOM goes your password. Trust me, I saw a video of it on YouTube.
  12. Yea and EVERYTHING on the internet is real!
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  13. Anyway Aikar will probably delete this soon.
  14. A Moderator.
    Aikar I think.
  15. Yea well I asked him to delete the thread.
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  16. And the picture is gone...
    ITS MAGIC!!!
  17. Woah.png
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  18. Dude, you know Walker from our school? He does that stuff. He told me how to do it.
  19. It says people are back on but I can't get on......IPAD time.
  20. Then Walker can go to jail. :p
    And he goes to mine since he is in geometry with me. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.