[INQUIRY] Marlix Set & Momentus Toothpick

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Should the set be sold as a whole or in pieces?

Whole Set 4 vote(s) 57.1%
Pieces 3 vote(s) 42.9%
  1. So, I have acquired an extra complete Marlix set and an extra Momentus Toothpick.
    My question is if you guys think the entire set should be sold/auctioned whole or piece by piece.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/opinions!
    (Also, this is not a selling thread. I'm just grabbing opinions for future reference.)
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  2. This is a tough one, usually people who want the pieces though already have some of the pieces, so it may be worth doing them individually so that players who need certain pieces can get certain parts.

    However, those who don't have any pieces at all but would like a set may splash absolutely loads on a full set if they see it up for grabs...

    My suggestion is probably to do it separately so that more people have more of a chance and you're more likely to get more money, but if you do put it together as a set, I suggest doing the Marlix set and the Toothpick separably at least :)
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  3. I agree with FDNY21, do them separate. I used to think the more you auction the more you'll get back. Sometimes this is true but I have found that the bigger the auction the less people that will have the amount of money needed to bid on it. You might even get more doing separately then together.
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