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is this a good idea?

yes 17 vote(s) 77.3%
no 2 vote(s) 9.1%
needs work 3 vote(s) 13.6%
  1. hello empire, today i was asking for ideas on a build, and someone told me i should make an information centre, so i added my own ideas to that and started building, it will be at 1588 smp1 and will consist of things like, a shop data base, commands, tips, rules, and players. this will take me alot of time and money, as i have to build with one hand, but ill try my best, donations are appreciated but are not really need, this will be a massive build for me and i just hope you guys like it :p, illl keep you guys updated with photos

    and finally, can you guys post ideas and things that could benifit from this?
  2. can you put shop 811 in the database ;) we are almost done biulding it :)
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  3. If you do it right - this could be really cool.
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  4. i will donate 200 rupees for our store name and res # in it :)

    also make it like modern cool with like wool not like castely like everyone make it original ;)
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  5. and if you need any help i'll donate my time to help you build :) just see if i'm online on smp1 or PM me i'm always on the forums PS: i can donate stuff also i have a lot of wood sandstone and glass
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  6. Sounds good... but I'm a little worried. Won't newbies just avoid it like they do the Guide?
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  7. I've also been planning on doing this on SMP2 also with a few different things :) Good luck, I'll let you know when I'm done so you can serif you want to add anything for SMP1 :)
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  8. This sounds like a fantastic idea to me. A huge undertaking though. Good luck, and I can't wait to see the finished product :)
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  9. Good idea! Get the design really nice, it'll be great. I'll put a teleporter from my res to the info centre.
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  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys :D
    Wait is that what that black and orange building was for? Well maybe we could make one on each server, just an idea :)
    And could I use black and orange wool? It would look nice, I won't use the design though, orange and black are very nice looking :)
  11. if i become diamond i will donate one of my reses to the cause :) like if i become diamond i will pm you :D
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  12. Use the colours, sure. But nah, different building
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