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  1. i am making the EMC library as some probably know. it is currently under construction and has bin for a while now. i haven't even gotten the roof on yet! mainly this is because i have quite a few friends on the empire, and usually there is at least 1 on that wants to hang out all the time. personally, i am not much of a builder anyway, but that doesn't mean i am going to give up hope on the library. it took allot of work to get where i got so far, and i don't want to waste that work. another problem is the fact that the library is made out of stone bricks. i need somewhere to create all those stone bricks. i am currently in possession of 2 res's. mine and my friends 4th res. both are in full usage. although it may not look like it, i am going to use as much space on both res's as possible. i did find a area in the wild where i can create these stone bricks, but the main hard part is getting them back to town. mine carts and mewls will be out of the question because i have to cross water to get to spawn. my main idea is to use an ender chest to store the bricks and to pick them up back at my res. unless i get other suggestions of transportation for these bricks in this post, that is the one i will settle with. i don't want a very obvious thing that can be easily spotted via EMC map or in the naked eye. i like to hide my things for i have had an awful problem in the past with greifing of my base or projects. also, if there is a book you would like me to sell at the library, you can come to my res and drop it off at the book donation box. for now the book donation box is full of junk like dirt and what not from trolls. i will inform you when it is clear and in use. anyway, the main reason i made this post is because i wanted to keep you up to date with whats going on in my library. i am going to try to pay more attention to it for now on to get at least the first floor done. its a big library and i'm only 1 guy. so please, don't rush me too much. i'll try my hardest for now on.

  2. What res are you at? I will donate some stone bricks
  3. i am at smp5. go to smp5 and type in /v eldron2000 and throw them in the book donation box for now. i am going to clear it out later anyway. thanks for the donation =D
  4. also, tell me if the doors are closed
  5. is this where you borrow books or you buy them?
  6. i actually buy the books. well its more of a donation. if you give a book, and your on when i'm on, i'll pay for it. unless you want to sell it free. then that would be awesome. and when the library is done, people can buy the books (well, rent them) and they get to read your creation!