Infinity: Battlescape

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  1. Hi everyone, just sneaking in out of the crypt for a little bit to let you guys and gals know about a game called Infinity: Battlescape. They are about a week into their Kickstarter campaign and have just passed the half way mark, but things are slowing down.

    Essentially, the game is a primarily combat-oriented space sim built on top of a brand new engine created by a handful of enthusiasts over the last several years, the selling point of which is procedurally generated planetary systems with seamless transitions between space and atmosphere.

    You can get all the details on their Kickstarter page or their home page.

    I'm coming to you guys because I'm very passionate about this project and I want it to receive the support I feel it deserves.
  2. Nothing? Really?

  3. I'd consider it if it was out.. But I can't tell you how many times a game is funded on Kickstarter and then never comes out with some bull excuse for stopping development and dumping the project - then they keep all the money.

    Yeah, not a fan of crowd funding games. I am hardly okay with pre orders. Even with pre orders, the game could come out and be trash and now you're stuck with it when you could have waited until at least launch day to see if it was any good.
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  4. I don't follow many games on Kickstarter, this is only the second one I've ever backed, the first being Nexus 2 that failed to reach their base goal. For comparison's sake, Star Citizen was given millions of dollars when they already had a relatively massive company with global offices, no doubt Chris Roberts wasn't struggling to pay his rent. I-Novae Studios is less than a dozen people from around the world working out of their own pocket in their spare time. They have no capital, they can't afford to quit their jobs and work full time. They just need a little help, and yet so many people have this disposition that they might consider buying it when it comes out, when if they don't provide support now the game might never come out.

    Trust me when I say that even at their base goal they will release the game.