Infinite Villagers?

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  1. So, apparantly there is villagers with a certain infinite trade if im right. I did try asking 8 people, none of them knew. So its only best to ask on forums. Thanks everyone
  2. Infinite villagers are villagers with a desirable last trade. The number of possible trades a villager can have is dependent on color (white villagers, for example, can have a maximum of 9). Because the trading system is silly, in versions before 1.8, the last trade of a villager will infinitely refresh, and not be crossed out like most trades normally are. Hence the name, infinite villagers. Basically, you can trade with them forever and they will never break.
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  3. I have a villager which has an infinitely refreshing paper to emerald trade, so it is effectively an infinite villager for emeralds. It is said that 1.8 will break them but I am not sure if this includes ones that are made before the update... But yes, infinite villagers are out there and they can currently still be made.
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  4. By reading your signature do you sell them? Im looking for paper and glowstone if so
  5. So, in 1.8, if you trade out a villagers last trade, he'll never (ever) be able to trade again? Even if you trade to one of his previous trade tiers?
  6. Not really, let me explain this because it is very odd. Were gonna use a white robe villager because they are simplest to understand. Basically when 1.8 hits all of your villagers will look the same trade wise, but once you trade with them once they will slowly gain new trades. The new refresh rules are that instead of needing to do the last trade to refresh a villager, now every trade has a 20% chance of refreshing them. The last trade they get will always be a nametag and I think it will have somewhere around 15 trades. Ultimately it is pretty cool if you are just in it for the emeralds, but if you are in it for the EXP bottles it sucks because the new trade will be 3 emeralds per bottle, rather that 1 emerald for 4 bottles.
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  7. Hmm... My main purpose of dealing with them is keeping myself supplied with enchantment books/tools, so I don't need to bother gambling with the enchantment table. As long as I can get them to trade a certain item and then somehow refresh that trade again, it should be fine.