Infinite Villager Rent Forever More Info In Post

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  1. So today i got a infinite paper trading villager at res 2202 I will rent it out to forever to any player as long as they pay me 17k yes it is steep but well worth it. =D Tell me in a PM if you are interested in buying the rent forever for the villager. Have a good day
  2. Infinite trades do not happen. eventually, they burn out and change their offer.
  3. Not if it is the 8th trade like mine
  4. Not true. There is a way to do it. Deathconn is getting one for me. :)
  5. Thank you lol
  6. there is a chance it will last forever but sometimes those little emerald hungry b@#$%$s will change after like 2 DCs of paper
  7. Ive put in 10 Dc's already its infinite
  8. glitches
  9. lol no.
    Whatever the last trade is on a villager, it is usually infinite.
    It's actually a "bug" in terms of how mojang's tracker says, but, it is not really important, as you still have to trade items for it. So it's kind of like how BUD switches were...
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  10. Me and bucky291 have bought the service.
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  12. thank you i would have said that but my power went out last night