Infinite Trade Villager

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  1. Hi guys, I was wondering as to how to make an infinite trade villager.
    Yes, I am aware of the fact that the 8th trade of a villager can be used indefinitely, but I'm more aimed at the process of it. How do you make sure the villager has a desirable trade as its 8th trade, for example, having paper --> emeralds as opposed to emeralds --> clock.
    Is there a method? Some pattern to detect? Any details would be appreciated, Thanks!
  2. There really isnt a pattern to find. You really have to get lucky. It takes a lot of money to make one that does what you want at the end
  3. I guess its random. I got 1 at my first try :)
  4. Lucky killerzone. It took me about 10 tries
  5. It's random but after you do it a lot it's semi-predictable, however there's no way to tell 100%. :)
  6. Is there a pattern or should I just start stockpiling emeralds?
  7. There's a pattern but if I were you I wouldn't rely on it. Just go by luck :p
  8. I'm also trying to get one, and I'm on take 3.
  9. Lucky Rhino. It too me around 80 trys.
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  10. To clarify, the process is as follows:
    Spawn a villager
    Check trade, if desirable, eggify, return to step 1
    if not, trade for item until next trade is unlocked, return to step two.
    Until 8th trade, where, if desirable, keep villager, if not, eggify and return to step 1.
  11. Well, I'll probably ruin the market.. OH WELL

  12. Sorry, but that actually confused me.
    I thought it was that the 8th trade available is infinite. But according to the video, on a blacksmith, the 24th trade is infinite.
    Is the infinite trade determined by the number of available trades, or simply left at the 8th trade regardless?
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  13. I heard nothing about special things for blacksmiths.
  14. you have to stay up all night to get lucky :p :D
  15. The annotation. So the 8th trade is the infinite one, regardless of villager type?
  16. That's how I understood it.
  17. Because the amount of trades a villager has depends on what kind of villager it is. Librarian (emerald trader) = 8 trades.
    Why would you egg it if it's desirable? I think you got that backwards ^_^
  18. No. You want the last trade to be the desireable trade, not anything before that.
  19. I actually had a lot of fun reading all of the post in this thread, why you may ask?

    Because I know the secret, method to obtaining infinite paper trades. And yes, I do mean infinite, until they break at their 9th trade.

    I've only told 1 other person about this information, a long with my friend who originally found it.

    So yeah, I'm leaving everyone in the dark on this, but I do know of the pattern to ALWAYS get my paper trade on the 8th trade. Which once it breaks, I can simply reset the villager and create a new paper trade. Without wasting tons of materials on the whole "luck" idea.

    ~Anonymous. :rolleyes:
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  20. Well if you really want to take some time you can go to the minecraft wiki and factor in all the %'s of getting a different trade and come up with what should be first second third and such, so you don't end up wasting money. That is if you're good at math, I am but meh I didn't feel like wasting time on it :p