Infinite trade thingy

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  1. I have heard people talking of how you can get villagers to keep a trade of paper for emeralds.
    is this true? Is it allowed? How do you do it?
    Thanks :3
  2. Yes Yes and I have my secrets, you have yours :D
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  3. lol I can tell you.
    Whatever the last trade is on a villager, is usually infinite. Some people think it is trading the latest trade to get it infinite, but he can switch the trades... Once it is the alst trade however, it is infinite do to bad coding ;3
  4. If you get a librarian (white cloths) and if the 8th trade is paper-->emerald then it's infinite.
  5. (doesn't matter what trade or villager it is, just that it is the last trade)
  6. It will eventually break at one point or another, mine broke after about 6 stacks of emeralds.
  7. But varying on the profession of the villager, the number of possible trades varies.
    Not if it's the 8th trade. Yours was probably 6th or 7th.
  8. It was the eight trade. It WILL break. I still have the villager after he broke. I'll show you.
  9. After you get to the 8th trade if you use any of the 1-7 trades it will break, you probably did that :)

    Many people have gotten DCs full of emeralds with one villager, and they are still working fine. You did something wrong :p
  10. thanks you guys.
  11. Start them on fire, that helps sometimes.
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  12. I try my best to not publicize the trick too much, seeing as if everybody did it the market would plummet drastically.

    Looks like I'm failing so far, just try to not to spread it around too much..
  13. That's why I went ahead and got a DC before it was too late.

    I can make these "infinite" villagers very simply. It's quite easy once you learn the trick.
  14. Yeah the pattern in the trades is some-what predictable, I guarantee the emerald market in general will crash horrifically in a month or two.
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  15. Here come the 5r emeralds..
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  16. How? I got a "infinite" villager already, but it wasn't easy..
  17. It takes practice, when to know it'll be infinite, halfway through the trade.

    I've made over 10 infinite ones, one has only taken 31 emeralds to make, some, take over 10 stacks. It could even take a SC of emeralds to make one. It can be a challenging process.
  18. Not sure if there is a trick or what but I just got a infin trading villager at first try :3
  19. But how do you knnow that?
    Wow, you're a lucky bastard ;) I used almost 12 stacks of emerald :(
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  20. I've gotten infinite emerald villagers on my first try to before. ;)

    Well, the trick is really simple once you learn it.