Infinite paper villagers \o3o/

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  1. Hey hi I enjoy making infinite paper villagers so i'll make them for you.

    My price is 8k per villager.

    I do not promise a certain trade, only that the last (8th) trade will be paper.
    I do not promise to make you another if you break yours somehow.

    I supply all of the materials.
    It's a first come first serve business.
    Your villager may change its last trade to a gold trade, If this happens i'll remake the villager for 7,000r.
    There is a wait list, Please stop asking me how long it's going to take. You can ask where you place on the list is but not an estimation of how many days.
    I only do 1 villager a time for 1 person. You may ask to be put on the wait list more than once but I cannot promise that they will all get done at the same time.

    There is no time frame in which I will do your villager, It could be hours, days, maybe even up to a week, or months.

    PM me your orders please :)
  2. How does the paper trade work? Does it get lower or is it locked at the price the trade is spawned at?
  3. Lowers until it reaches 24 and then it will stay at 24 until you break it one way or another.
  4. How are infinite villagers broken?
    And also, do you make infinite exp villagers?
  5. If you unload the chunk quickly after trading they break.
  6. I have learned the hard way on how these villagers break... .-.
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  7. So if I traded, then logged off directly after with no one else on my res, it would break?
  8. Yes
    no exp villagers sorry.

    Also lowered price
  9. Just saying, for infinite paper villagers the amount of materials I usually use on this are often worth more than 8k. I have made many, many infinite paper villagers for myself and others. I spent 100k worth of materials recently on an infinite blacksmith. It gets expensive.
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  10. That's why this is a good deal c;
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  11. I'll most likely take one, but first I just want to clarify, they are infinite paper villagers?
  12. I will take 3. I can give perms and such later
  13. Pm me with details.
  14. I would like one.
  15. Start a PM with me to open an order please :)
  16. Bumparino
  17. Can I have 1 plz, on My 4th res plz
  18. It says PM not reply in the thread :p
  19. Updated OP :)
  20. Mine broke! Stupid Villager!

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