Infinite Paper Villager

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  1. Hey this is Crabcakes200m!
    I am now taking orders on the forums, for people who want to buy a Infinite Paper Villager.
    What they do is they trade paper for emeralds.
    Usually I have gotten one and a half DC of emeralds from these.
    If you want one - post on here or message me on SMP1 (or any other server)

    I charge 39k for each one. I charge 78k for two.

    Either ask GMW_I or I (Crabcakes200m)
  2. Bit pricey. I formerly owned a co-owned business for making them. It is very time consuming and uses a lot of materials but it normally takes me 20-30 minutes for a paper villager. It costs me between 10k and 12k in materials to make. If you want to compete with samsim x and his service, you would have to drop the price at least 10k.

    EDIT: 15k to compete. Since I have my own villagers I can supply emeralds but it is the equivalent of that.
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  3. My price is at 25k now :p
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