Infamous Glitches #3: Space Invaders and one other

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  1. Space Invaders

    If you have ever played Space Invaders, you know that each time you kill an invader, the rest will speed up, but this was not a planned feature. It happens because the machine as programmed to have 36 aliens on screen at a time. When you shoot one, the machine now has more time to move the rest, so they move faster. Now, this isn't really a glitch, but more of a flaw in programming, but, whatever.

    World -1

    In the original Super Mario Bros for the NES, on world 1-2, you can access a glitch world by doing as shown.

    This world is a forever looping water stage. Once you get to the end, you go right back to the start.

    Sorry this isn't a very big one, had some trouble coming up with new glitches.