Indi- The Indestructible iPad Case

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  1. So before y'all get excited, no this is not a real thing, but just something my friend and I had to do for a school project. We are supposed to make a commercial about a product and advertise it.

    Please watch our video before we turn it in :)

    Let me know what y'all think and if you would buy this product :)

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  2. That was cool and funny at the same time, great job and I hope you get good grade =)
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  3. I'll take twenty in duct-tape grey please
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  4. hehe thanks :)
    What about the Bandwagon Blue? Everyone has them! :D
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  5. not bad, try not to laugh at your own jokes.
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  6. 1-800-GET-INDI
    we demand 100 potato for the new iPad Potato
    *totally not stealed from red robin
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  7. Thanks! :)
    Potato iPad is the best :D
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  8. Bump! :D
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  9. That actually made me laugh :D
    Nice work
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  10. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
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