Increase your survivability in strongholds

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  1. Although there are only three strongholds per server, mostly stripped out in the case of portal ones, this tip could very well save yourself from a gruesome death.

    A particular type of mob dwell within those strongholds: silverfish. When you destroy certain blocks, they will spawn out and attack you. Whilst not very powerful on their own, troubling their sleep will also wake up other silverfish within the area, resulting in big swarms that will kill you very, VERY, quickly.

    Here's a "pro-tip" to know exactly which blocks NOT to destroy in a stronghold if you want to enjoy your rare loot of mossy bricks and apples. Use any non pickaxe item on the blocks you plan to dig out. If you see them breaking as fast as wool would with bare hands, THOSE are the mob blocks, that should be left alone. And forget about silk touch, it will not work either.

    Happy digging, and stay safe :)
  2. The 3 strongholds per server limitation was changed. They are now unlimited ;)
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  3. Oh really now??? That is winning!!!