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  1. Hi guys, this is posted from my iPad as it is too early in the morning to start my computer.

    Anyway, I just got Diamond Membership, and I have a little problem.
    It is stated on the upgrades page that diamond members will recieve 1,300 rupees as their
    daily bonus, right?

    Then why did I only get 1,200? I'm not complaining, I have plenty of rupees, and having a 1100r increase in the daily bonus is no problem, but what's wrong with this?

    I can't upload pictures on the iPad, but I'll put one up later.

    Thanks EMC!
  2. Never Heard of this happening, Even mine says I get 400 A day.
  3. The 1,300 bonus total takes into count your regular 100 daily sign in bonus. I'm guessing you got that already so the system gave you 1,200 to = the 1,300.

    If say you don't sign in for a few days, another perk of supporter is getting your bonus without having to sign in, so you'll notice that you get 1,300 every 24 hours while you're away.
  4. If you have already signed in on the day you upgraded then you will only get 1200r because you've already claimed your 100r free sign in bonus, but for everyday from then on you should receive 1300r a day. Edit- Darn IcC, ninja'd :p
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  5. I believe the term is Cow'd...
  6. Oh I get it now, yeah I already claimed my 100r because I upgraded at night time.
    Thanks all :)
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