[Inbox suggestion] The ability to pin messages in your inbox

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  1. Hello EMC-ians,

    So my suggestion is to add a function where you can pin certain inbox messages that are important and that you need to remember for future reference.

    I have a building service, and my orders all come in via conversation. Now the conversations tend to sink away when I accept orders to start 2 to 4 weeks later. So I thought it'd be a good idea to add a function where you can pin certain messages and/or add your own custom categorys to put your messages in.

    This would make keeping track of my messages much easier and make taking orders much easier.

    Thoughts, Ideas, add-ons, donutes, cats?

  2. Yes Yes Yes +100000090
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  3. Yusssss +10000000000
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  4. Good idea I have the same problem. Add it Aikar!
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  5. There have been several quality suggestions recently ;)
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  6. The most recent XenForo update added the ability to star conversations. And you have the option to display only the starred conversations.
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  7. bump for Aiplanekar.
  8. Unless there is an easy way to add this in the current version of XenForo - This suggestion probably would have to wait till Aikar starts the lengthy process of updating the site.
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