In Town Shops And Item Numbers

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  1. Ok this will be my last thread for a while.

    I have been on wiki for a few hours now (including the downtime we had lastnight) looking for all the item numbers to make a post on the item numbers for new players for there shops and stuff like that. How ever... there are a few i cant find such as the potion item numbers and enchated items item numbers. Now everything in a game has to have an item number for it to work properly. if anyone can give me a hand with those missing item numbers i am willing to pay 500r to the first person who can give me a full list of ligit item numbers for potions and enchanted items
  2. How are yhe item numbers used for shop signs?

    I tried to sell pistons by using, "Piston" as the name. It didnt work. Then i saw someone use, "piston:7". I tried that and it worked. But, according to that site, 7=bedrock. So i dont know why it worked
  3. Pistons Are just Wierd, just incase you dont know its Piston Sticky:7 for sticky pistons
  4. Yeah Pistons are one of the messed up items. I plan on giving some love in the near future to all of the item names.
  5. thats right spread some creeper and diamond LOVE! :D ^_^
  6. Justin, is thr a list anywhere to show isable item names for signs?
  7. just type /shop and see what is put for the item that your looking for? :eek:
  8. Ill try that when i get home! Ty!