[In Progress] The 8 Towers (Glowstone needed!)

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  1. Basically, I made this thread because I really need glowstone... I thought I could show what I have so far too. I need a total of 2,196 glowstone and only have 160 so far. So I need a lot. Any rupees, glowstone, and glowstone dust donations would be really helpful. You can donate glowstone at my res on smp6. You can use the tag 8towers. I'm a newb, joined on the 8th of July this year on kaileycat35991. Wool is also needed, but not too hard to get. I do need a lot though since it'll be used as carpet on all of the tower floors.
    The current amount of donations are... (Rupee donation(s): 10k from ChickenDice, 70k from x7mx)
    896 glowstone
    0 glowstone dust
    80,000 rupees (Please donate rupees to Catacaramel)
    0 wool (Needed: Red, orange, yellow, lime, green, cyan, blue, and purple)
    Donations are no longer needed! Thanks for the help!
    Anyway, about my build. There are currently only 4 towers, but once I get my kaileycat35991 res cleared out, I'll probably start building there. It's next to my Catacaramel res. I've started to fill up the rooms in Jen and have the first 3 floors finished while the other three -- Masek, Sahqo, and Bii -- only have the first 2 floors finished and are empty. I've been trying my best to come up with ideas to fill up all the rooms and make it all look fancy, but with barely any practice on making things fancy and 240 rooms in total not including the basement floors... it's not easy. You can pm me a suggestion for a room or a tower theme (What will be in the tower such as a mall, home, hotel, etc.). I spent much time making gigantic horse statues when I really did not want to, but they make a nice addition to my res. A hawk statue has been designed by me for my kaileycat35991 res. I currently don't have too much, but I'm going to have 8 towers that go to the max build height, 256y, and special underground rooms. I will be missing 2 floors at the top of every tower, but that's because I'm planning on putting something up there, although I haven't quite yet decided. I will occasionally have center areas, similar to the Central one where you can teleport inside of the towers.
    I'm planning on building this alone, but help from donations and ideas would be very much appreciated!
    Here's my res location if you'd like to get a better look, donate, check out some things, etc.
    SMP: 6
    Res #: 13672
    Tag(s): 8towers
    You can make positive comments and give positive feedback below or in a pm. :3
    Now here are some screenshots:

    This is obviously a screenshot of the outside with the horse statues and whatnot. Simple, but kinda fancy with evil photo-bombing trees.

    Here's another screenshot of the outside. Basically it's a random one but has a closer look at the hedges and flowers.

    The Central area through the piston doors. This is also sort of random.

    Here's a better screenshot of the Central area. It's basically supposed to look natural with a swamp nearby. The peonies, lilacs, and rose bushes are glitched into being 1 block tall.

    For those of you who were wondering, my resource pack is Soartex.
    I decided to not put in screenshots of the inside of the towers since it's just empty rooms, rooms under construction, rooms filled with random things, etc. but you can always see them yourself.
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  2. Because of ChickenDice's donation, I was able to get 512 more glowstone! Thanks!
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  3. Send me a PM on the forums so I'll remember, and I can help you out when I can log in.
  4. Thanks x7mx for your donation! I definitely will be able to get a lot of glowstone with that 70k you donated! I can get some extra glowstone for the underground rooms I'll be putting in too! c: