[In-Progress] SMP3 Library!

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  1. Hello EmpireMineCraftians!
    So, since I need something to make on my Residence, and the new 1.3 update, I decided to make a Library!

    I am making this Library at SMP3, 6338 and it's going great!
    You may go there to check my progress or donate items that I need!

    Now you might have a few Questions, I'll try to answer them here!

    Q & A
    Q: Will you give jobs when it's done?
    A: Yes I will, but they'll be extremely limited.

    Q: Will we be able to buy Books?
    A: Yes, of course!

    Q: Will we be able to sell Books?
    A: Yes, but I or another Clerk have to be on.

    Q: What will the jobs be?
    A: Book Writers, and maybe Clerks/Book Sellers.

    Q: What will I gain from donating?
    A: Your name will be written on a Sign, and you'll get 1 free Written Book for every 200r, but you can't choose all types of Books.

    Q: Why aren't you posting any Pictures?
    A: They'll be posted when I got enough progress ;)

    Q: Will you make Book-Involving Events?
    A: Yes, if this turns out well!

    None :(

    Items I need right now:
    Oak Planks
    Black Wool
    Paper/Sugar Cane
    Ink Sacs
    Glowstone (tons)
    Emerald Blocks (Only a few ;))
  2. Kinda slow me and a load of people have done this were just getting books now