[In Progress] Smp2 skyscraper project.

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  1. Hello all!
    I would like to show you guys a project I am working on.
    I am building a skyscraper on smp2.. It will possibly be the tallest building on smp2 (once it' finished.)
    You can go see the progress I've made by typing /v 3029 (Imgur is not letting me upload, sorry for no images) Rupee donations are greatly appreciated and will help me buy the materials I need for the res. Also, rupee donators will be listed on the donator wall just inside the door. :)
    I will try posting images soon (if imgur works).
  2. Sounds awesome
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  3. Donators:
    Kevinsiah donated 5 stacks of stone.
    georgeashington donated 36 stacks of stone slabs.
  4. what is it going to be made out of?
    and +1
  5. Maybe you could list the materials your going to need?? And the quantites of the materials need??
  6. I'm mainly looking for the rupees to by materials, but thanks for the idea anyway. :)
  7. Main materials are Snow, blue stained glass and stone slabs, I also need to buy materials for decoration. :p
  8. If you still need stone slabs I have tons.
  9. Yes please, it would help alot. :)