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  1. Hey guys So i am making the most efficent Iron Farm there is +1300/h of iron. that is a lot.
    So I am in the need of supplies.
    Project: iron Trench
    Matriels Needed
    Stone: 7187
    Oak Wood: 383
    Glass: 178
    Sandstone: 16
    Note Block: 6
    Powered Rail: 5
    Sticky Piston 207
    Red Wool: 26
    Oak Plank: 277
    Stone Slab: 341
    Torch: 135
    Chest: 16
    Rail: 2
    Lever: 1
    Pressure Plate 9
    Redstone torch 133
    Button 2
    Ice 35
    Glowstone 19
    Stone Bricks 155
    Iron Bars 177
    Glass Pane 18
    Stone Brick Stairs 193
    Nether Brick 27
    Redstone lamp 9
    Button 2
    Compatator 54
    Block of redstone 3
    Hopper 61
    Dropper 11
    Sign 11
    Wooden Door 1408
    Water Bucket 1718
    Lava Bucket 9
    Iron Door 2
    Redstone 506
    Redstone Repeater 108

    So can you Either Donate to me or show me shops. (you don't have to donate... Lolz just the thought)
    Anyone who donates will get a stack of iron a month after farm is finished. for 3 months.

    Thx MMRT0 out! NVM doesnt Work
  2. The iron trench does not work on EMC, unless you have a different design than tango's,
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  3. Lolz. Can A mod fix my spoiler thing. Also use the bottom one to see it
  4. oh... great nvm about this project. and also why?
  5. It has to do with the thing always resetting and weird village mechanics and how it differs on EMC, im not very good at explaining this kinda stuff.
  6. Spawning cap.
  7. Oh great well Can a mod Close this thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.