[ IN PROGRESS ] Empire-Minecraft Mini Mega Mall

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you guys something cool! Well, yet again, I reset the Mega Mall. I thought there was errors in the whole thing that needed to be fixed. So, I re-did it! As you should all know, I would like to thank my top 5 donators! They're the only ones who have donated! If you would like to know the people who donated, read the next Sentence. (People who Donated, Top 5: 1st Person: LadyJaye, 2nd Person: DubChef, 3rd Person: BlinkyBinky, 4rth Person: lovely_gurly, and 5th Person: mcbear10!! Objects, or rupees will not be in this Thread.) Also, the highlighted parts mean that that person has gold/diamond supporter. Thanks guys for donating!! Also, if you wanna donate, just tell me in the comments you want to, and visit my Residence whenever you can. Do /v +HKRoMM or /v HelloKittyRo-3. Either one is fine. Anyways, these people where left down on the Donation Wall! So, if you donate, you have a change of getting on my donation wall!! (Please donate if you can.) Also, it doesn't just have to be rupees! It can be items too! Just, no dirt or anything like that please. Also, if you wanna donate, tell me what time you're gonna drop it off, I wanna be available when you do.Also, good news, I wanna announce the winner of the "Mega Helper Job" It's a very old Thread I posted about needing help with the Mega Mall, and BlinkyBinky's the winner! She got the Job! (Will not give Thread Link, job is already taken.) She's not only my helper, but she's also my friend! I wanna thank her so much!! She's done a ton of work already!! She's giving me Stone Brick when I need some, she's paying for a lot of stuff to keep the Mega Mall going, huge shout out to her!! Anyways, big news (2)!! We've finished one floor of the Mega Mall! Come check it out with /v +HKRoMM or /v HelloKittyRo-3. Anyways, thanks for reading!!
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  2. "Mini Mega Mall"
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  3. Yes, it's going to be Mini.
  4. Like literally, smaller everything?
  5. No!! It's just called that!!
  6. New texture pack! Make dirt blocks look like a mall so its a "mini mall" :p
  7. But having like a miniature building, and miniature chest and stuff would be so cute!
  8. Ik, ik ik ik IK.
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  9. And you could have like mini trees and baby villagers outside.
  10. I'll have to check out that mall ;) I love shopping for things I don't need :D
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  11. Same.
  12. Good luck with your mall, I hope it does well for you :)
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  13. Great :)
  14. Thanks!! That's really nice :)
  15. Please try to not double post like this. Quote them all in one reply.
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  16. Ok god.. I just forgot..
  17. I still think you should make mini trees.
  18. Sure..
  19. That makes no sense. Mini suggests small and mega suggests large, so a small large mall is a mall? I think you mean mall.
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  20. That's just what I call it, god.