[In Progress] 6188 Mall

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Do you like the mall so far?

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It's awesome. :) 3 vote(s) 100.0%
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  1. Hey all.
    I am working on a mall that will sell almost every item in the game. It will be on smp3 as there are not many malls on smp3. Here are some pictures of the progress I've made:

    I am working on the roof for now, once that is done I will start the right and back walls :p
    EDIT: I will add more pictures once I've made more progress.:)
    The viewing area is at 6136. Just click the tp sign.
  2. I like it... I can't wait there is like 3 good malls on smp3
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  3. All the roof work is done for now. On to the walls!
  4. is the 1st picture the full mall or its only 1 floor?
  5. Yep it's the full thing, It's not that tall. I'm sure I could still fit everything in. :)