In need of shop supporters

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  1. Hey guys :) So just yesterday I had upgraded to Diamond Supporter and have claimed a 2nd res. I have two on smp1 i have started building a very huge shop on smp1. But need people to help me out and fill it up. But i want people I can TRUST and RELY on. I cant stand people who will use you, its not very nice. I would like you to have 2 refrences.

    You will get paid what you bring into me and maybe a few extra seeing as what is in demand at this time.

    I need people to go out and mine for me. (I dont really go out to the wild, i get lost easily and cant use live map with my connection) if you could get back to me. That would be awesome.
  2. I can bring you ANYTHING besides wood as long as we split 50-50. Was that too pushy? I can go lower, whatever you think is a good price for me to help stock your shop. I have a wood shop on SMP9 and dont have enough time to start my own big shop, but I would love to help you stock some items.
  3. lol ive heard some things about you cravata (not trying to sound mean) but i will keep you in mind, thanks
  4. Ya i wouldnt give him perms
  5. ??? Seriously what did i do? I got banned for raging on a few occasions. I have NEVER stolen from someone, NEVER greifed, and I do these kind of shop stocking things all the time. I have lots of people that trust me. I wouldnt need perms, there would be no stealing, you would just set up a chest for me to put items in and you can pay me however much you want to when you can.

    You can ask DesDeSable, COD4Hoogie, Redwing2000, and other people which i will add that completly trust me. Thenin10domastur shares his res's with me, and the mods have been telling me ive been doing a good job lately. epocolipse has me with container, build, and use perms and I share a shop with him, and there was never any doubt i wouldnt steal. Please reconsider as I have been a good boy lately.
  6. Whats ur res # ?
  7. 18012, on SMP9. Its just getting started, and I cant play for like 5-6 hours because im on mobile and comp. is at home. Ive got wood slabs, planks, and logs, all oak, mostly in stock.
  8. Sorry if I sounded impolite earlier, sometimes I express things in words that can be taken in different accents. I hope we can still be buisness partners. Ill go om SMP1 later and PM you if youre there.