In Need of New Things: Skin and Signature!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Kippy159, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. Hey guys. I am in need of a good signature and a good skin. The winner for the best skin for me will win 2k. And the winner of the signature will also get 2k.
    Skin: Make it "unique". If you had a skin that needs a number, put 2, 9, or 15 (Just incase you can't put one of them in/draw them.) Something creative please.
    Signature: Again "unique". If its the kind of skin where you need my name, put it in. And be Creative!

    Contest ends after I pick a skin and a signature I like!
    You don't have to make both. One or the other or both. :D
    Post skins and signatures on this forum please!
    Thank you guys!

    Good luck! Let the contest begin. :)
  2. Lol I am sooo bad at making these things
  3. Well what kind of skin are you looking for?
  4. I don't know. Something that is unique and says "Kippy159" not literally but you know what I mean. Maybe a custom one. Meaning you make it. I don't know be creative and you might win. And I may be happy. :D
  5. Ok but like real person skin? or like fantasy almost
  6. I don't care. But if I do have to choose: I'd prefer real person please, but Id rather be surprised, so do either one
  7. Okie Dokie :) ill get right to it
  8. ok here is one. you wanted a real person... so hope you enjoy :) do i win? no one else has entered :p if i win i will pm you the design thing
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  9. Win when Kippy has both a skin and a signature that he likes.
  10. Yeah that's not bad...but looking for better. That's the kinda skin everyone has. Try and get "outta the box". And You win when I say you win :D
  11. Let me re-phrase that, WHenver I find one I like ill say "you win" lol sorry flamingpotato you didn't win yet
  12. Lol not bad. I gotta wait for more people to respond, and FYI Im on smp6, that's my pet shop.
  13. OOps lol. I want to do the skin part. here i found this online but maybe you like it :)
  14. Pretty interesting kinda like a super hero. Still not what I'm looking for. Maybe a custom super hero of me, including K and the number 2? Idk be creative. Sorry I keep saying that
  15. i might be able to make a signature. would you mind if i put a chicken in it? (kip means chicken in dutch ;P)
  16. Maybe. sure lets see what it looks like
  17. i made something in photo shop, i hope you like it :D
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